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Graduation Gifts for Teenagers

Thinking of ideal graduation gifts for teenagers? You can find thousands of products out there in malls and via online shopping, but remember that this occasion is a big thing for your children and as such, you can't give them the same presents you give them for their birthdays or for Christmas.

The best way to hit the nail on the head is to ask your son or daughter for a wish list of graduation gifts. Don't give a guarantee that you'll be purchasing everything on the list, and if needed, provide a budget so he or she will be able to trim down the list of graduation gifts.

Graduation gifts for grandchildren may be sentimental or practical. Boys would be happy to receive sports equipment or iPod accessories. If you can afford it, lavish your grandson with tickets to an adventure trip. For smaller budgets, the perfect graduation gifts are books, tickets to a ball game, or a gift certificate at a nearby restaurant.

You'll have a lot more choices for graduation gifts when it comes to girls. Jewelry is a good option, and anything made of silver doesn't cost much. If your budget won't allow you to buy authentic jewelry, you can give costume jewelry as graduation gifts, but make sure it's in a style she prefers.

Short-term courses or summer lessons make very practical graduation gifts. Enroll her in a dancing school and give him sax or drum lessons for free. You can probably also ask him about possible computer courses he might want to take before he goes off to university.

The graduate will always find use for items he or she can bring to university, and they make affordable graduation gifts. A wireless phone, a desk organizer, a wall clock or an alarm clock, or beddings. These graduation gifts are very affordable but they can definitely show your love.

Make-up is an an inexpensive favorite, and you can't go wrong with eyeshadow compacts, mascara, eyeliners and makeup brushes. Avoid buying items such as blush and lipstick, as this need to be tested by the user before purchase. The same thing goes with perfume - many people have personal favorites when it comes to scents so it's advisable to consider other graduation gifts.

Always check out online stores before you head off to the malls to search for graduation gifts. An easy searching and surfing gives you access to several online shops which may offer free shipping for certain minimum amounts. It will also be easier for you to comparison shop for the graduation gifts you already have in mind. Find out which stores consistently offer the lowest prices for these items.

The more pricey graduation gifts would have to be done in consultation with a graduating son or daughter, though. Forget about the surprise element - it's much better for them to know about it so they can tell you exactly what they want.

For instance, you might want to give them a relaxing trip to Europe when what they really wanted all along was a voluntourism trip to Africa. Or you might jump right in and buy your son a car, when what he secretly was hoping for was a jeep! In cases like these, it's really best to ask them and learn what they really want.

list of graduation gifts
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